Friday, April 3

Stamp Storage

Like many paper crafters and card makers, I have a wide collection of stamps - from rubber, mounted, unmounted, clear... If I have any digital stamps, I have to dig in external hard drives.  I'm sure I would find some.  I never got into digital stamps because to me, it defeats the purpose of stamping.  Call me old fashioned, but I still prefer the traditional way.

Anyway, for my new craft space, though I don't have all my stamps in the same fixture, I have them in the same area.  My clear stamps are in white 3-ring binders.  

Foam stamps and Stampin' Up clear stamps in DVD cases are in an Gnedby Shelf Unit by Ikea.  The wood-mounted stamps are in two drawer cabinets by Best Craft Organizer.  While my unmounted rubber stamps are in EZ Mount Stamp Storage Panels by Crafter's Companion.

Storing my clear stamps in 3-Ring binders is the best system for me, alphabetically by brand.  It saves so much space!  I have 2 empty binders waiting to be filled (grin).  The Christmas stamps are in the black binders.  While the red binders are my catalogs for image stamps and sentiment stamps.  

I put the clear stamps in different style Ultra Pro sleeves - they are acid free, has UV protection and made in the USA.  I mainly use the follwing:

And because I have a lot of stamps, I had to catalog them so it will be easy for me to find what I need when I need it.  You can see below how I catalog my image stamps - according to theme, then according to brand.  So if I want to make a birthday card, I'll go to the "Birthday Tab", and see what stamps I have.  And from there, I'll know what brand and where the actual stamp is stored.

The same goes for me sentiment stamps.

For the pages, I prefer to use the Five Star Reinforced Graphing Filler Paper.  The best place to get this is Walmart just after the school year starts.

My wood-mounted stamps are stored two ways.  By brand as you can see in the pic below:

If I don't have so many of a certain brand, I store them by theme.

My unmounted rubber stamps are in storage panels arranged by brand.  This saves me so much space, and the panels fit any 8.5 x 11 storage (vertical highly recommended).

I hope my stamp storage ideas help you out, especially in saving space in your craft room.  The more extra space you end up having, the more supplies you can add to your collection.  Happy stamping!


paperpapier said...

Thanks for sharing stamp storage idea, it is inspiring indeed.

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the storage units for your wood stamps?