Thursday, July 2

Graduation Cards

This year has not been all that good for most students, especially the high school and college seniors who were not being able to march and get their diplomas on stage in front of their proud family and friends.  I feel for them.  I used to work at the high school office and I always pointed out to the seniors that their graduation is a once in a lifetime event.  A milestone.  The graduates of school year 2019-2020 didn't have that special event.  No ceremonies.  No graduation parties.  However, each town got creative and celebrated these graduates in different shape or form.  In some towns, I saw pictures of the graduates alongside their main drag for everybody to see.  I saw on TV some graduates receiving their diploma on a small stage in front of their house.  

This post is for them.  I hope the recipients of these handmade cards are able to give these cards to the graduates in their lives this year.    

You all stay safe... 'Til next blog!

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