Sunday, December 6

All Natural Christmas Wreath

I typically buy wreaths from school fundraisers, then spice them up with pine cones from our backyard, accents and embellishments.  Here are some of them:
This year, I didn't have access to any school organizations selling wreaths due to current restrictions.  So I just bought a couple of base wreaths made with twigs at Hobby Lobby.  As usual, I have a generous amount of pine cones from our back yard to use.

I had my niece paint the pine cones with Glistening Snow-Tex Glittering Snow by DecoArt,, which she enjoyed a lot!

Once dry, we have pine cones to adorn the wreaths.  For other accents, I used bling and whatever Christmas decoration I can snag from storage.  First, I adhered the bows, followed by the pine cones.  My niece adhered the bling.  

I really like this oval wreath - something different.

The bow here is from a broken Christmas candy cane I bought form a Christmas craft show sometime ago.  Who would know, right? 

My niece insisted to add this Santa ornament on the wreath.  I was hesitant at first, but then I thought this is her project too, and her input is also important.  Now looking at it, she was right.

The bow on this wreath was handmade by a long time crafty friend, attached to a present she sent me many years ago.  It's so pretty I couldn't get rid of it.  It's been hanging on our Christmas tree every year since then, but this year, it's the main attraction of this wreath.

I really love how the pine cones look like on the wreaths.  My niece did a mighty fine job!

The pandemic didn't stop us from creating a festive atmosphere here at home.  We may be limited to what we can do outside, but there sure are no limits behind our doors.  I hope it's the same for all of you.

Stay safe, everyone... 'til next blog!

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