Thursday, February 4

Tinker Planet Channel

Let me begin with a little history of Tinker Planet.  It all started in a double door guest room closet in our apartment in a US Navy base in Japan.  That was about 16-17 years ago.  Then, in addition to the closet was a computer desk I converted into a craft desk.  My first craft website was called "Butingting and Everything" through the now defunct Multiply.  When we were moving to the US, I told my husband that by hook or by crook, I'm going to have a craft room.  And so I did.  Then I changed my website name to Tinker Planet.  I still remember that eureka moment while driving home from town.  When Multiply was closing down, I moved to Blogger.  At this time, I created the Tinker Planet channel on Youtube just to keep the name.  It was empty for fourteen years, but I decided to activate the Tinker Planet channel this 2021. 

And what better way to launch the Tinker Planet Channel with a video tour of my craft space.  I split the presentation into three parts.  I hope you enjoy it!

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