Friday, May 18

Starry Starry

Hello crafty friends!  During my last visit at Joann's (which was weeks ago), I chanced upon this Martha Stewart tool in the clearance section:

I've been seeing this before, but I wasn't willing to pay full price.  And since I had an additional 30% discount coupon, I decided to take it home.

Inside the package, there were two pieces of tools:

The triangle tool on the left is where you insert a 6 x 6 cardstock/paper, folded diagonally.  The tool on the right is a cutter, which goes through the grooves of the triangle tool and cuts the paper inside.

This is how an assembled piece looks like:

And if you make 6 of them, you'll be able to make this pretty star:

During the process, I learned that good adhesive is key to keep all pieces together.  In fact, I ended up using brads to make sure they are all secure.

This design reminds me of Christmas lanterns back in the Philippines.  Now, I know how to make them.

'Til next blog!

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