Thursday, February 7

Thursday is my Cross Stitch Day

I'm doing a pretty good job in following the schedule I made for myself when it comes to my many hobbies.  Today is cross stitch day.

I woke up early this morning and seeing the sunlight striking the white snow made my day.  I love the way the snow sparkles like gazillions of diamonds on the ground.  I opened the blinds and slid the curtains to the side and the whole inside of the house was just nice and bright.  Perfect time to do some cross-stitching.

This project I'm working on is "Bend In The Road" by the famous Cezanne.  I got the pattern for free at The Cross Stitch Collectibles many many months ago.  In fact, we were still in Japan.  I started doing this pattern soon after I finished my Midnight Horses, which took me over two years to finish.  After Midnight Horses, I told myself, my next cross stitch project would be something of color, and a little smaller.  I started "Bend In The Road" just a few months before we left Japan.  And crazy me, this project was packed along with all our stuff.  So I didn't see this project for almost a year.  I was very happy to see it when we were opening boxes, and I started cross stitching right away.  Well, you can see in the photo how it looks like for now, and how it should look like when finished.

Going back to Cross Stitch Collectibles, this is the only cross stitch website I go to.  I like their patterns a lot.  A lot of popular paintings too.  I'm just not into cross stitching cartoon characters.  Cross Stitch Collectibles gives a free pattern every month.  I actually like their free pattern for February.  They have so many beautiful patterns that I'd like to buy them all.  But the question is, if it takes me years to finish one darn project, when will I ever finish all the patterns that I want to buy.  And I don't want to just cross stitch all day everyday.  I still have a lot of hobbies to attend to. 

Sigh.  So little time.

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