Friday, March 9

Altered Calendar

I guess when your internet is not working well (since the solar storm, I think), there's nothing good to watch on TV, snowing outside, and your sister wants to watch a DVD movie that is very uninteresting... then you have no more reason not to do any crafting.  I have to admit that I've had a lot of alibis lately for being crafty lazy.  But it seemed like my muse took a longer vacation than I expected.  Well, I think my muse is back.

When I got my new job, there was this calendar on my desk that I can say has been there for a quite a while. 

Even though I use it everyday, I'm not very fond of the colors.  So I took it home yesterday, with the goal of altering it and making it look better, at least for my standards.

There's no way I can change the day, month and date pages, so I had to pick a designer paper that would match.  Looking through my scrap paper drawers, I was able to find one. 

Presenting my desk calendar's new look:

I also embellished both sides on the inside.

I used the same design on the back, but without the bling.

I'm excited to take this to work with me on Monday.

'Til next blog!



Much much better =) Great idea to bring it home coz it sure does need your magic touch =)

franzesjoi said...

love that calendar, ate!! my exact bday, hihihi