Tuesday, March 13

National Craft Month DAY 13

This was a good day!  I received some goodies in the mail and I was able to put them away right away.  My planet is still in pretty good shape.  In fact, I have been updating my organization schemes lately, and once it's finished, I'll post pictures.


For today's project, I decided to "alter" my ATG gun holder according to my planet's theme, which is black and white.  This was actually a brown pen organizer which I bought from the 100 Yen Store in Japan.  I basically paid less than a dollar when I purchased this.  It helped a lot that the top rim can be removed.  And then, DH cut the divider, so my two ATG guns can be aligned right while nestled in there.  At first, I was thinking of spray painting it black, but it's late at night and I didn't want to go outside in the cold.  I had no choice but to cover it with bg paper.  Besides, it's faster that way.  

So I searched for a nice BG paper in my stash.  This one is by Carlees Creations.  After measuring my ATG gun holder, I cut the paper according to size.  I also made sure that the flowers will be in each cut piece.  After that, I fed the cut pieces through my Xyron sticker machine, so there will be even adhesive application.  I took the body and the top rim apart, and adhred the pieces to the body.  Then, I sanded (then inkaed) all the edges to make sure that the bg paper will not peel in the future.  On the top edge, I adhered a strip of white lace.  Then I carefully re-attached the top rim back to the body.  For the final touch, I adhered yellow glass beads in the center of each flower for dimension, using mini Glue Dots.  These are actually glass beads used for flower arrangement, which you can buy in the flower section of any craft store.  They're small enough and can be used as scrapbooking embellishment.

What I like about the outcome is that the yellow center of the flowers go together with the color of my ATG gun.  Then for the extra space, I store my Crop-A-Dile.

I'm hoping to alter my ATG guns next time.  I've seen other people do it and they're just beautiful!

For more photos, click here.

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