Monday, March 19

Winter CHA Flashback: Impress Art Stamps

I learned two things when I tried the make-and-take at Impress Art Stamps during Winter CHA.  One, it is not that hard.  Two, it takes time to get used to the noise.  The bang of metal to metal sure is not so good to the ears.  But once you get the hang of it, and you see the final result - you can say it's worth it.

Before I show you what we were able to make, I really want to say how good the demo artist was for Impress Art.  She very well explained how to use the product, and her execution was really good.  Her approach was very friendly and candid, but made sure to point out the great things about the product.  I can say that she gave the best demo out of all the make and takes that I did that day.

Anyway, here are the pendants that my sister and I made:

After the make-and-take, they gave us a freebie metal stamp to play with at home.  Who doesn't like freebies?!?? 

I find Impress Art Stamps good for metal art and jewelry making.  You can also use them to personalize metal embellishments for card making and scrapbooking.  Do I want to invest on these?  Not for now.  The price for each set is too much for me ($8 per stamp or $50 per set MSRP).  I need more convincing.  If I am a jewelry maker, maybe.  But since I'm more of a paper gal, they're quite in the bottom of the list.

'Til next blog!

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