Tuesday, March 13

Winter CHA '12 Flashback: MEPXY Design Marker

I saw two other brands of markers during the Winter CHA convention, apart from Copics.  To be honest, I wasn't really interested to try them out.  But since I'm there to blog about my experience, I tried to open my mind and observe.  

One of the brands is Mepxy, which is distributed by Creation Supply

They are alcohol markers as well, and claims to work on almost any surface.  There are two kinds - the Design Marker (fine tip and chisel tip) and the Brush Marker (brush tip and chisel tip).  You can get more information in the Mepxy website

For their make-and-take, they focused on using the markers on foil, to be used as an accent for a card.  I let my sister sit and make the card, as I observed how the markers worked.  

And the big question:  Is there a difference between Mepxy and Copic?  To be honest, I really don't know... and I really don't care.  I think it's all in a matter of preference.  But since Copics have been in the scene for a long time, Mepxy will have a lot of catching up to do if it claims to do everything it says.  Alcohol markers are not cheap, and if people have bought a lot of them, it's going to be hard to switch to another brand.  However, it also gives people who are just starting in this scene more choices.  It is always nice to have choices.   
And I will definitely be watching.

'Til next blog!

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