Monday, August 6

Bye Multiply

Hello crafty friends!  I learned some sad news just now.  Multiply, where my Tinker Plant Home Page is located, is closing its doors to bloggers like me.  They are venturing into a different direction, and it's going to be official at the end of this year.  I've had my craft home page since 2007 back when I was still living in Japan, and now I'm worried about all the blog entries, photos, videos and a lot of other things that have been "stored" there. 

In other words, I'm going to be busy figuring out how to transfer all those to Blogger.  I'll still be posting projects and busy with my craft obligations.  It's just a total bummer that I have to deal with this change.

And since you're already here, let me direct you to the Oozak Challenge Blog, and join in the fun.  You can share up to three cards and at the end of the month, an awesome prize package from EK Success will be given away.

'Til next blog!

1 comment:

Ardilla said...

I didn´t know... I also have a lot of stuff there, specially what is not paper-crafts, all my paintings and other stuff is stored there :(
I know there is a way to transfer everything to blogger, I'll try to do it!
Thanks for the sad news, it's allways good to know!