Monday, October 29


I spent my Sunday carving pumpkins, aiming to finish all eight, but I was only able to finish five.  Who would have thought that carving pumpkins can numb your fingers!  But that's not stopping me from finishing what I started.  I'll do the rest tomorrow.

Also, while trying to look back, I realized that I wasn't able to carve pumpkins last year.  I was on a roll in 2010.  No wonder, my fingers got numb...

Anyway, this year, I decided to not use designs from my Cricut cartridges.  I wanted "more scary" designs.  So I went ahead and typed "pumpkin carving pattern" on Google.  I found some designs that I liked, and I ended up making these:

Each title will link you to the website where I got the awesome designs.

Bloody Mary

Ichabod's Fate
Grim Creeper + Leslie Vernon's Hand Scythe

For this pumpkin, I added windows on each side.  I also experimented with the V-Shaped Cutter by Pampered Chef.

Treats 4 Me?

Trouble Brewing

By the way, there is still time to join the Oozak "Die Cut Challenge".  That also means three more days to draw the winner of Ranger Distress Markers Set (MSRP $115).

Click here to join this fun challenge. 

'Til next blog!

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