Tuesday, October 30


I couldn't think of any other title for today's post - So I just spelled yesterday's title backwards.  I mentioned previously that I have three more pumpkins to carve.  The bad news is one of them is already rotting on one side.  The good news is, I only had to carve two pumpkins - giving myself more time to do other things.  

Anyway, for the last two pumpkins, I decided to use images from the Pumpkin Carvings cartridge.  After measuring each pumpkin, I'm able to adjust the size of the images on my Gypsy, and cut with Cricut Expressions.  Even though I haven't use my Cricuts for months, I still enjoy each time I use them, reminding how glad I am that I have these tools.


Now I'm caught between making Halloween Treat Bags or watching "Hoarders" on TV.  Or maybe I'll just call my cousin in New York and check how things are going...

'Til next blog!

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